What’s In My Bag?

Hi boyses, it’s been quite a time we didn’t have any talk. So I just thought to break the ice. *SMASH* Just kidding, LOL.

This blog post is about a sneak-peek into my bag. We all keep some kind of essentials with us on regular basis, which ultimately become our must-haves. And this is what all about today. Generally, I try to go as simple as possible with these basics in my bag but you never know when some situation may hit unexpectedly. Therefore, I am always prepared for my everyday happenings all the time (this is actually my approach to life).

Let’s just begin.

  1. Lipstick

Heading out bare face is one of the bad habits I have. So, keeping a couple of lipsticks along is obligatory. For everyday feels, I usually prefer some nudes and pinks as my go-to shades.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Shamelessly confessing that I have a minor OCD, which makes me carry this thing with me everywhere I go. So if I get my hands dirty or there is an utter need to take off the phobia, a hand sanitizer is my ultimate rescuer.

  1. Mini Tissue Pack

I always carry a mini tissue pack with me because there may a sudden need of dusting off someplace to sit arises. Other than that, it helps for wiping off the face or hands, doing some self-pampering, or tucking in the rare part of a painful shoe.

  1. Wallet and Key(s)

Nothing special here, just a basic wallet and home key without which I can’t leave. Generally, this key remains inside my wallet as I don’t need it much, and only helpful in urgencies.

  1. A Stash of Hair Pins and A Hair-Tie

Usually, one common hairstyle doesn’t work for me every day. I keep on changing them more often (depending on the hair feels that specific day). But if I just want a quick hairdo swap in the middle of a day, some hair pins or a hair-tie are my pick-me-ups.

  1. A Comb

Karachi’s wind is crazy. Sometimes it plays with the hair giving them amazing dance moves, but there are days when it all messes up. So, a wide-tooth comb is usually my thing for a quick hair-fix.

  1. My Plastic Cards

No matter if I need it or not, I have my debit card always. I really prefer using it over conventional paper currency. Other than that, my CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) is also with me just in case.

  1. My Mobile Phone

I always have my mobile phone with me. Other than networking, I usually use it for making notes, managing my accounts, listening music, and a lot more. I think it is something that has an unescapable take in my life.

  1. Earphones and Power-Bank

These two accessories are lifesavers. When boredom strikes, I just put on my earphones and listen to some good music for entertainment. And a power-bank is at my disposal if I’m running out of my phone’s battery.

  1. My MBB Device

I am barely a functioning person without internet. Hence, my MBB device is a must-have to progress with my tasks throughout the day.

And that’s it. What are you essentials for everyday? Please to share them in comments below and let me know if I’m missing out on something.

Peace out.

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