Typical “Haw-Haye(s)” Of Our Society

We all know the kind of people who feel compelled to say a lot of rude things more often. If I get a little deep, these human beings are merely acquaintances (and in some cases, close ones, too) who have an itch to slam you for no reason. Because, why not?

Today, we are talking about frivolous thinking of this community around.

Based on my personal experience and a quest with my wounded friends, I have ended up creating a list of seven things that sound very unkind/inhuman when said with an extension of two words – “Haw-Haye.” The potential of which remain entirely same, even if said unintentionally. You never know, the next person only takes in toxicity through it, and nothing else.

So these are some sick talks that one should avoid making part of their conversations. And take a better step towards exchange of thoughts. Let’s begin.

1. So Fat/Skinny/Short/Dark. Haw-Haye!

Looks, looks, looks. Is that what all matter? Odds are good for these so-called lags have either been inherited to the person, some hormonal shit could have hit the fan, or whatever the reason is – your pity statements just cause exasperation. Mind that, please. This thought of yours hurt many hearts. So, just stop. (I normally do a flip by praising them for unsolicited individualities.) Say “NO” to body shaming.

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2. You’re over 25. Still Single? Haw-Haye!

Eh? Get a life, aunty jee. Stop bothering yourself for the idea that life of a girl next door is somebody else’s property. It’s wrong, totally wrong. One is not supposed to get married by age calculator, but when they are ready for it –  mentally and physically. I have realized that a lot of people love taking traumatic stress over these matters of others’ lives because that’s probably the only thing around which their whole life revolves. So, if you get to say such rude things, better stay quiet. It’ll make a lot of peace.

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3. Male Friends? Haw-Haye!

Oh, wait. That particular person is friends with someone of the opposite gender. Let’s bash them with a dose of criticism. If such drive comes over you, don’t freak out much. They could have been friends for fruitful exchange of thoughts, real suggestions, and most importantly support for each other – like true friends. And there isn’t no chauvinism involved. Still, if you don’t have stamina to let go of this nitpicking trait and want to ask the person a bunch of questions, try to communicate in a socially acceptable way.

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4. Love Marriage? Haw-Haye!

We have people with failed marriages, and then we have those judging others for choosing their life partner themselves. I mean, what? Since the combined decision of two isn’t hurting anybody’s emotions or values, what’s the point of despising it? So, beware of getting harsh as it’ll never make them feel good. Plus, you’ll eventually realize that all critical organs of yours are still functioning.

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5. Solo Travelling? Haw-Haye!

World has reached the moon, and we are still going mad over the concept of a girl’s solo traveling. Fear of accidents is inevitable, but they may be met anywhere. Even in the comfort of your own safe home or neighborhood. Make it very clear that this is something by which the poor soul learns and gets courage to meet any circumstances independently. In my circle, I’m yet to find a girl who’s never been victimized of some melodrama for this subject.

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6. Western Clothes? Haw-Haye!

The germ of reproval develops from “Jeans” and goes so on. You might have issues with people wearing not-so-conventional western clothes, which could be legit to some extent. But make sure – what you like or what you don’t like, not everything needs to be said. This could be one of their go-to styles which they can carry effortlessly. Just like the way you have yours. So just chill. Stop demeaning others and avoid talking crap about how they dress up.

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7. You Don’t Know How To Cook? Haw-Haye!

Wow. This is how one’s skill level gets them qualified for the standard of shadi material. Right? There are many people who indulge in cooking for they like it, which is totally fair. But if someone doesn’t feel the same way, you cannot subdue them. It would be perceived more civilized if you talk a bit more sense. And if you really think about it, there are literally a bunch of non-crappy talks that you can have with that person.

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If you know more and want to make an addition, go ahead. You can write it down in the comment section below.

Until next time.

P.S: “Haw-Haye” is a term used to express sarcastic amazement over anything.

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