TV Show Review: Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahin

The other day, I saw a post on one facebook page “Musannif” that this drama “Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahin” has addressed some intense problems nurturing in our society. These are the kind of problems people are not really comfortable talking about. Thus, I was persuaded to follow this show for the sake of educating myself. There is a lot of filth we have around us; sometimes visible to the eyes and the others, it is not. And the show highlights some of the critical issues with the help of three stories {which may come to meet at one point. (It is my guess only. There are still some episodes to come on air)}.


Allah Rakhi is a village girl. Her father takes her as a lucky person. Due to dowry demands of her elder sister’s in-laws, the family fell into debts. And as a result of consequences, Rakhi is sold in the hands of human traffickers. And now, they have been exploiting her to the worst (read: prostitution) for many years. She struggles to run away a couple of times, but fails. It is because the people who run this business are quite influential. However, this time, she finally gets a spree with the help of an NGO.

In that same village, there is a boy named Jamshed lived. He is Allah Rakhi’s friend, but unlike her, he is mistreated at his own home. His mother is a single parent who blames him for every mishap that occurs in her life. She also beats him often. Not just that, but also at school, his teacher punishes him for unjustified reasons. So, in order to find him an escape, two mischievous boys from his village set up a scheme. They take him to city and leave there alone to his fate. A beggar gang owner finds him to take advantage of for his own benefit. The boy faces multiple troubles and eventually rescued by a noble man.

And then there is another story. A girl having a narrow-minded, rather headless, father figure aspires to become a cricketer. Her father is a naive Qazi, who usually has sittings with a cunning cleric named Naeem Sherwani. This so-called clergyman constantly feeds her father with the stigmas of her education and sports. Despite all the restrictions and hardships, she passes her matric exam with flying colors. And now that she plans to take admission to a college, that beast comes up with a bigger trap. He proposes her father to marry his daughter – upon which, he agreed. Now, she is left with no option than running away.

By now, the channel has screened 19 episodes only. In case you missed it, watch it on YouTube here. And if it interests you, which it definitely will, more are yet to come.

I am very much curious about the storyline ahead.

Peace out.

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