Things I have Learned About Life So Far

Living in a metropolitan city like Karachi is not a piece of cake. I feel myself lucky enough to get a brought-up in such a city that is always ready to give so much. From facing all the ups and downs to earning your bread and butter, and entirely living on your own; it has taught me a lot of things (and the learning is still on). From the very young age, I have been fighting against some unexpected consequences a great many times (like everyone), which made me learn and grow as a person. All such events made me capable of living a peaceful and satiated life. However, I am not much philosopher kind-of-a-person but it makes me keep moving, stay motivated, and promotes my I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude while looking back at the efforts I made in the past few years.

1. Be Patient.

Your patience and gratitude is what leads towards the best rewards ever. Learn from both good and bad experiences. Most of the times (every time?), it happens if you plan something, you are despaired for any random reason. But because the Almighty has always another and better plan, the return is always better and bigger. At least, it is what I have experienced. People discourage and try their best to let you down, but you need to keep believing in yourself. Set your priorities and make sure to work hard without letting any negative vibe beam in. It is when your life starts changing in all the better ways.

2. Take Control of your Emotions.

There comes many times when you are totally pissed off. Yes, it happens when you least expect something and that bangs you out. It is very hard to control your senses patiently at that moment. But you can’t run away from that event or it’ll kill you. All it is the game of senses. The more you get tensed up, the more it’ll bother you. You have to take charge and be responsible for what affects you, if good or bad. Apart from this psychic shit, you also have a lot of  people and other things to look after. So keeping a balance is necessary, which I am still working on.

3. Make Friends.

You meet so many people in your life. Amongst them, you set individual priorities for all. Some are just there for the time being, but some stay for long or may be forever. Some match your temperament and some are just totally different. You must decide to eliminate all the toxic persons from your life and be with your favorites only. I be friends with those I enjoy living a joyful life. It is friends who cheer you up at low times, when you are down, when you are all broke; they add an additional spice to your life.

4. Work for Yourself.

Either emotionally, ethically, or financially, you have to work yourself for getting better in all the ways. No one is going to feed you. Every other character who bumps into your life, plays their part and go away. For a survivor, the struggle never ends. When you follow the rule, it leads through many adventurous lessons to be a little wiser and smarter in future. And on the upside, you get freedom to enjoy your life fully.

If you have earned some lessons through your lives, do share with me.

Peace out.




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