The Podcast I listened to in the Ramzan

As Ramzan was about to start, I got to know a few Islamic scholars which I follow on and off on the internet were up to some series on their respective channels. And per knowingly, our routines get so busy that it was hard enough to catch up on all of them. But yes, I did follow one podcast regularly. Nouman Ali Khan, the founder Al-Bayyinah Institute, is an American scholar who launched different series this Ramzan. And out of them all, I followed the one (keeping the others for later) to help me improve my perspective and work on myself in general.

In this series, he answers the questions from his audiences around the world. All queries are common yet needed to be addressed hence got all the attention throughout. In the first few episodes, he brought light to the purpose of human life (taking references from Quran). Then, along the way, he also talked about some other subjects to have a clarity. I find his khutbahs (addresses) very influential. If you want, you can also learn for your better self here. It has sixteen episodes, FYI.


These days, I am following his second podcast “Emotionally Traumatized, Spiritually Recovering.” You can listen to it here. And it has five parts, JFYI.


Remember, I talked about investing in the self in this holy month. If you didn’t know, read it here.

Also, you can read about how I celebrated my Eid-ul-FItar 2021 here.

Peace Out.

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