Sudden Plan to Floc – For the Love of Coffee

Hi there. Yesterday I and Ayesha (my colleague cum friend) just made some random plan of heading over to this new restaurant or you might say café in the town. As a couple of days earlier, we were making some plans to be there and satisfy our appetite and it just happened like this. Sitting on our work station getting bored, we suddenly made a plan to rush and have our second meal of the day at Floc.

Their menu was quite colorful with some proper breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and other meals to indulge in. However, their specialty was coffee, I went for a Cappuccino and Ayesha ordered one Latte for her.

To complement the season, we were presented with their winter chocolate special menu too. From that, we ordered a Dark Double Hot Chocolate that they made look fancier with the addition of whipped cream on the top. *lip-smacking*

While the ordered food was in the making, we discovered a mini library where some interesting stuff for book readers was stacked (they have a collection of some good reads, believe me).

The image displays her Latte on the right and my Cappuccino on the left side. Both were good. (As an informal kind of sip from each other’s coffee was a must *wink*)

At this point, we were not able to take in nothing. But how can someone say “No” to a cup of Dark Double Hot Chocolate. It was presented very well as it looks. The taste was good too, which you are definitely going to enjoy. But if you are a lover of hot chocolate with thick texture (like me), you probably not like it so let’s just stick to coffee.

  • The restaurant is pretty good; a must try.
  • Price is reasonable for all café-going genre; especially who love coffee.
  • They are located in 10th Commercial Lane, Zamzama Karachi.

That’s it from my side. Do share your Floc experiences with me.

Peace out.

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