Netflix Binge-Watch: The Queen’s Gambit

So a couple of days ago, I binge-watched a Netflix show “The Queen’s Gambit”. As it collected many praises for addressing the subject of women empowerment to an extent, I had to give it a watch. Regardless of your choices; whether a profession or simply a lifestyle, women have to put a little more effort than men to earn acknowledgment. They are objectified before anything else. And this is one of the many extractions that tended to be made through this season. Adding up, financial literacy, relationships, and drugs are some of the other aspects also portrayed well.

Let’s begin with my take on it now.

Show: The Queen’s Gambit

Genre: Historical film

Total number of episodes: There are only 7 episodes in season 1.

IMDb: 8.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 96%

What is it about?

Elizabeth Harmon’s parents die at the beginning of this show and, she is sent to an orphanage. Though the management there was quite decent, they used to give “vitamins” (read: tranquilizers) to keep the residents calm. All of them line up daily to receive them – two pills, one red and one green. But who knows the sedatives she is given will help her in pursuing the destiny of becoming a chess grandmaster. She got to learn about this game through a janitor, Mr. Shaibel, in the basement there. She plays it with him every day. And then, she takes those pills at night, which clear her head and allow her to map the entire games on the ceiling of her room through hallucinations.

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One day, Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley arrive for adoption and they take her with them. Since they are hardly surviving an unhappy marriage, the man stays at work far away most of the time. And while he abandons his family, the woman feels lonely which results in the adoption of Beth. One day, Mrs. Wheatley receives a call to know that he is detained in Denver, which means the two ladies are now on their own.

Living in that house, Beth grows up and learns different life lessons. She takes part in a chess tournament which she got to know about by chance. And thus, her journey as a chess prodigy starts out.

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Spoiler: Since I’d prefer to be friends with you, it’s better to stay quiet.

Verdict: As told earlier, I watched it in consideration with many reviews and recommendations around different channels. And nothing goes in contrast with what people have to say about it. If you are a fan of perspectives and personalities, or in general, a thinker, this is a must-watch.

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Will I watch this again? Maybe yes, maybe not. But I will definitely follow the upcoming seasons.

That’s it about it. Peace out.

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