My Travel Story (Wedding + Umrah) – PART 1

With reference to my previous post, here I am writing my travel story to share the whole experience throughout. I’ll take you people to a flashback of my trip where you may explore through the images how much fun I had in the past few days.

So, it was the wedding first. I and the family had to leave Karachi on 21st of March so everyone took leave from work one day earlier (got henna and all the other salon things done). Now, the journey begins. Our tickets were booked for Farid Express and the train was on time (Praise be to God!). Since it was night, we all lie down on each berth to rest our bodies.

On City Station, Karachi

Twelve hours down and we are here in Rahim Yar Khan on 22nd March. We took our luggage out hurriedly as the stop-time duration is not long enough at the station. A few relatives were there who helped and welcomed warmly.

Sadiq Club Residency was the place we booked for our one week long stay in there. Checked-in, got to our rooms, and had our first breakfast from the hotel management (it was a complimentary meal, everyday). Then we had a quick go through of the place and bruh, it left us astound.

The Breakfast

While sitting on the terrace

I crashed in bed and had slept for some time. For it was Friday, I woke up in like two or three hours, took shower, changed into clean clothes and offer Jummah prayer like a good Muslim. In between, the meet & greet kept on going. In the evening, we went to look for Valima venue (booked already) and decided all the last momentary things.

Some of my photography for our (I & sister’s) room

On 23rd March, it is Barat day. We (larkay walay) got ready and the traditions of Sehra Bandi started at around 6:00 PM (got a little late than the expected time, 5:00 PM – Never mind). Now with a protocol of all drum beats the Barat departed at 7:00 PM. At marriage hall, on entrance, the beat goes loud and oh all boys go crazy. One hella fun, it was!

It was a partition in the hall. The groom and other male mates with the Barat headed into Gents’ section while women to the other one. In the division for women, we all had a Jhumar (a traditional Saraiki folk dance of ecstasy) in women’s section too.

I had no idea what to do so either followed others or just did my own thing. Live-like-a-loser-die-like-a-legend feels! Lame? Ok, pardon me.

The bride arrives and the nikkah ceremony happened. After which, food, doodh pilai (a kind of tradition in South Asian weddings), and other activities; the time for Rukhsati came in. Said good-bye to everyone there and returned to our hotel.

Here is one complete outfit picture.

There, we were followed some other traditions and bid a farewell to our guests accompanied the Barat. In the midnight, at around 1:00 AM, I changed into comfy PJs and sat with my mother and other siblings, had chit-chat and some chai until our eyelids fell heavy.

The Chai in the Lobby

On 24th March, it is Valima (The Reception). We were at the venue at 7:00 PM and received all guests. Being a host, it is a kind of vigilance that I enjoyed, to be honest. I wore a saree for the first time in my life and it felt so royal. OH-MA-GAADDDSS!

In the corridor of reception hall

Then happened a glamorous entrance of the newly-wedded couple throughout the ramp and some family photographs on the stage. Also while the food being served, we had some more photography session in the corridor too. At last, another Jhumar session was arranged after dinner – next to the stage. Everyone joined and enjoyed.

Now by the time, all guests started leaving, we also came back to our hotel after a while. I changed into sleep-worthy clothes, packed-up all wedding clothes and other not-more-to-be-used items already (as tomorrow were the last day there), and crashed into my bed.

Strolling and exploring with sister in the park at Sadiq Club

It is 25th of March. Woke up late, got fresh, and had breakfast. Then I went with my father to meet some relatives and graveyard to offer Fateha on departed souls (my grandparents and some other relatives buried there).

I and abbu came back to the hotel at 3:00 PM. Rest of us had packed their luggage and we checked out at 5:00 PM. Reached the railway station at 6:00 PM. Some relatives also came to say good-bye. The train was scheduled at 7:00 PM and it was thankfully on time. We got in our bogie, found our seats, and settled the luggage.

It is 26th March, 8:00 AM, and we are back home in Karachi.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. If you really did, leave in your loving comments below.

Part-2 will be up soon.

Update: Part-2 has now been published. You can check it out right here.


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