My Basic Skincare Routine

Despite the fact that everyone is already very well-known of how to take care of their skins (all hail to the internet world) these days, I still got the courage to pull out this post and share mine. I am not someone who owns or uses high-end beauty/skincare stuff (I think) but what I do, I feel pretty set. On and off, I keep on making switches (adding/lessening) among products as per suitability of my skin and budget needs, which I think we all do and is acceptable. But hey, routine remains the same. So let’s begin.

Disclaimer: All products I mention here are replaceable with some better/preferable/suitable alternates. I am only sharing the ones currently in my use and enjoying ‘em offhandedly. *This post is not sponsored.

First off, I’d like to cover some important points before they out pass my mind:

  • My skin type is normal to dry.
  • I make shifts in my routine(s) every now and then. However, these steps are a constant for me in many ways.
  • Whether day time or night time, it doesn’t go no wrong for either (I preferably take it into action at night just before sleep because ENOUGH TIME).
  • There are still some steps that I skip on daily basis which, by the way, are definitely not a miss on weekly or monthly practice (for the certain parts I’ll share more in the post below).
  • It generally feels like a self-care therapy and I love treating myself (and this is just one form of that).

That’s it. Coming back to the post now.

  1. Cleansing

Be cleansing the first step in this skincare routine (or any other), I think, it is the most important one. Why? Throughout the day our skin is continually layered with a lot of impurities, bacteria, dirt, pollution, and what not. So the first thing I get to do once reached home after a long day is wash my face and give the skin a breather.

Even if you opt for a morning cleansing, the toxins eliminated through skin during the night are removed (also, don’t forget to follow the later steps too). It refreshes and preps up your skin for a smooth make-up application.

Product I Use: VLCC Natural Sciences Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash

Price: PKR 750/-

Purchased it From: Drug-store near me

How-to: Though there isn’t no need to explain but Imma just still do it – because “a good & responsible blogger.” So what I do is soak my hands in water to make them wet. Take a little (ideally a coin-sized) amount of cleanser onto my palm, work between my hands, and apply it to the face. Massage very gently into the skin (cheeks, nose, and around neck) for minimum 2 minutes till all impurities are taken away. Now, I rinse the face thoroughly and then pat it with towel to dry.

  1. Toning

By the time cleansing is done, the skin starts congesting and starves for a light-weight hydration. And it is when, toning comes to rescue. Most of you (like me before) might think of it a meaningless part of any skincare routine, which isn’t so. Because using a good toner always comes off with a lot benefits in long term. And amongst all of them; helping balance the pH level of skin, preventing dryness, fine lines & wrinkles, and tightening pores are some to mention.

This is never ever a skip off for me. Definitely not!


Product I Use: Golden Hour Glow Toner from Organic Traveller

Price: PKR 1320/-

Purchased it From: Organic Traveller

How-to: I usually get a cotton pad or cotton ball for an easy application of the product. Using either, take a few drops of the toner over it and then sweep across my face. Once done, I leave the skin to dry and treat with all benefits got.

*Note: Step 3 and 4 is optional. You can skip if you want.

  1. Serum

Now begins the PARTAAYYY! Skin moisturizing gets started from here. To restore the natural glow, strengthen skin cells, increase nourishment, and fading acne breakouts or discoloration (if any); facial serums work best. A serum penetrates into your skin and benefits it with active ingredients required for targeting certain skincare problems. Water-based or oil-based – there are a lot of options available in the market these days. You have to pick one according to your skin type.

The one I use is an oil-based serum. And as per my skin type, it goes very well. Not just that, it also smells pretty good. Plus-plus.

Product I Use: Quench Serum from Organic Traveller

Price: PKR 1150/-

Purchased it From: Organic Traveller

How-to: Using dropper, I apply a few drops of the serum on my cheeks, forehead, and lips (and if required, on chin as well). Massage it gently through my face for a while to sink in.

  1. Sheet Mask

You can just skip either step 3 or 4 or go as it is – totally up to you. But since I love to enjoy me-time the most, I barely miss both. Hence considering the availability of some effective sheet mask at the moment, you can apply it onto the face for approx. 15-20 minutes and just relax with your eyes closed. Though it may feel a little fancy, I literally believe it be a great way to calm the tired and overworked skin. Sheet masks drench your skin into deep hydration while helping it with some individual properties of its variant at the same time.

Product I Use: Innisfree Sheet Masks (I have also used Garnier Skin Active Sheet Mask and the results were great).

Price: PKR 275/- each (I got the value for a deal of 11 sheet masks in one order).

Purchased it From: KoGlam

How-to: I open up a sheet mask pack. Take it out. Unfold it. And apply it over the face. Where needed, adjust it to my face contours.  Leave it for (preferably) 15-20 minutes. Once all the goodness is absorbed into my skin, I remove the sheet mask and massage gently – this way, the residue also soaks in. At the end, I massage eye area which also needs extra love.

It is advised not to reuse sheet masks. But I be a desi (seeing toothpaste tube being squeezed, rolled, or may be cut at the end to get use of its last bit (bad joke? :P)) use one mask twice.

  1. Moisturizing

So far, you have done so much good for your skin. Now just top off with a moisturizer that will seal in all the benefits of products used prior. If it is winter season or the skin type is dry/normal, a moisturizer with slightly heavy consistency is preferred. Other ways, a lighter water-based moisturizer is also good to go.

Don’t forget to use sunscreen after if it is day time. Voila!

Product I Use: Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream Tropical Fruit Freshies

Price: Didn’t buy it actually but gifted.

Purchased it From: My brother sent it to me from KSA. (You may definitely find the same at almost all departmental stores in Pakistan too.)

How-to: Since it comes in jar pack, I take a small amount (as required) on my fingers. Put it on my palm, work between hands, and then give it a gentle application on the face. After that, I also treat my lips with Vaseline petroleum jelly which I’ve talked about in my Instagram story sometime ago.

Fin. My skin feels so fresh & happy now.

P.S: I have also talked about a new skincare product I am obsessed with these days on my social media channels. Not merely this, but there is a lot more to know if you give me a follow on my Instagram and Facebook too. Please to show your girl some love and support there.

Peace out.

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