Me Time: Garnier Skin Active Tissue Mask Hydra Bomb

Hey guys. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of my terrifying (work-occupied) life, I just got a spree for a little blog post today. Lying on my bed, relishing the time of my life, I just had an idea of setting up a series “Me Time,” covering all the Treat-Yo-Self randomness. Whether it may get you pleasure or not, we’ll get to know this by the time. Anyhow, your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

So, let’s just get started without further ado. I have been looking for this much-hyped Garnier Skin Active Tissue Mask for quite a time and got it today. Since when I hold it in my hand, I couldn’t resist trying it (all thanks to the restless soul). It literally unplugged life for a while.

How It Works. Cleanse all your face gently, first off. Unfold the sheet mask and then apply it over your face with the blue protective film visible on outside. Once you are done, remove the upper blue protective film and adjust the mask to contours of your face. Leave it on 15 minutes till it stays on your face perfectly. Now, remove the mask and massage slowly/gently for the excess formula to be absorbed into the skin or simply remove it with a cotton pad.

Tip: There is no need to wash off your face afterward. Even if you feel any sort of lubrication, it’ll go away in a bit.

How Do I Feel About It?

  • The application is very simple. Neither you need to bother with no finesse nor need any tool at the moment. Unlike other traditional masks, it isn’t messy at all and merely requires a minute to apply.
  • Although it says a hydra bomb tissue mask, there is no magic going to happen until you are regular with a proper intake of water. If you await wonders to happen, it won’t come off with an outer skin hydration only.
  • The overall experience was good. I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

Which One Did I Choose For My Skin Type?

For my skin is super dry these days, I chose super-hydrating replenishing mask (the blue one). Considering your respective skin types, you can get one from its kind of four different sheet masks available.

Where Can You Get It From?

You can go hunt for it at any drugstore near you. Or simply order online here.

I got mine from Chase Value Centre in Karachi.



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