Life Update: Two Unpredictable/Shocking Life’s Surprises For Me

Strange, isn’t it??? Just when you think that you have got all hold over what goes in your life, right then something unusual happens. And that stuff is not acceptable for many (if not you, count me in at least). I have been one of those people who find it hard to accept the change – be it good or bad. And the same I went through earlier this year. I GOT MARRIED. Yes! There wasn’t no such plan of this – not even in my wildest dreams. It happened just like that with divine’s order.

Valima Day

And right after this BIG change, I had to go through another incident. Just when I was processing over new emotions and some happy moments, my dad left us alone in this cruel world. It was something least expected and unbelievable reality at that time. Everything changed at the snap of a finger. I already shared my feelings here once he fell ill last year. And now that he’s gone forever, the whole world feels empty. Nothing is as same as before – neither is it going to be like that ever again. However, this is life maybe. All we need to keep ourselves and loved ones composed in whatsoever circumstances.

With abbu on my engagement day – 23rd March, 2022

P.S: I know, I am sharing a (new) post after so long. It is because I was taking my time to absorb and understand all NEW(s) in my life. Oftentimes things take a little longer than you think. Right?!

Peace out.

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