Life In The Next Few Days

I am traveling after very long. And by “long” I mean I have not been out of Karachi for the past four and a half years (*Jaw Drops*, I know). Now there is totally another story to the answer of all WHYs, which I don’t want to touch at the moment. So, coming back to what we were at, I am going to Rahim Yar Khan for my brother’s marriage (for those who don’t know, the city is my ancestral home). And like every other South Asian family, relatives’ forsaking is also inevitable throughout the wedding – Never mind!

For this itinerary, I am excited about a few things which I’ll share in this post. We’ll share a (virtual) cookie if you give it a read below:

1. Dress Up:

I love dressing up (only for special occasions or when in the mood, maybe). And when I say this, I don’t limit it to putting on some decent clothes only. My make-up, accessories and a not-so-regular hair-dos are what also make a part of that. I am a bit EXTRA, but despite that shameless enough. So, whatever I’m going to wear the entire wedding ceremony will be all mine. Dress, makeup, coiffure – everything. And I’m pretty excited.*Nail-biting*

2. First Stay in a Hotel Ever

It might sound weird to some but I am looking forward to my new (temporary) home for the next few days. I have never got a chance to accommodate in some hotel through my life so far (we used to stay at my nani’s place before her demise). But this time, we have somehow booked one for our stay there. I don’t have an idea how it’ll feel. Will the idea turn out to wowza or flop? I DO NOT know nothing. *read in Ygritte’s style*

3. Travel as a Time-Out Therapy

I have been quite fed up with my regular work-related routine. And this trip (hopefully) will give me a breather. I am definitely not the person who makes plans but someone who ruins them. Hence, PERFECT! Since we are travelling by train, I can tell how fun it is going to be, even so by now. The whole journey will not just end here after wedding, FYI. I am also going for Umrah right after that (with family, of course). So, there is a lot of travel planned for coming days.

In the meanwhile, if you miss me, do join me on my Instagram here and Snapchat here. I’ll post all tidbits of happenings on there.

See you, good people!

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