Let’s Invest In the ‘Self’ This Ramzan

As the month of Ramzan approaches, I know most of you would be preparing for it. Groceries, work, cleaning – the plan must be of getting sorted with a lot of stuff beforehand. All of which seems justified for the routine ahead will get much busier.

I am, particularly, writing today to grab your attention towards spiritual preps. Because whatsoever regular stuff goes on, we must not lose the essence of this holy month. In this regard, apart from other religious practices; I have decided to earn some extra bounties by simply working on the self. If you want, you can join in too. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

I believe; the chaotic era that we live in demands enough self-reflection. And what even can be a more perfect time for that than now. Cheers to being a better version of ourselves!

So, by taking this opportunity to its fullest, I’m going to push the button to slow down and make the following a ritual throughout this month to mark on forever, Insha’Allah.

  1. Stay calm, polite, and patient: Falling into situations is certain. In such times, breaking down and losing temper is also understandable. But what I must do is, Not To Lose My Cool.
  2. Pass a thing or two to the person sitting next to you: It is not that hard for me. Nevertheless, putting someone before you requires a lot of courage. Feel the vibe. I make sure the other person takes it easy in my presence.
  3. Be thoughtful to offer help: The eternal happiness and peace that we all urge is somewhere in doing good to others. Offer a helping hand; at the home, workplace, or on the way. But, of course, not at the cost of your peace. Making it convenient for both parties is a whole task.

For the sake of behavioral change, it is necessary. I’ll share my affirmations on Patreon daily. And if you want to grow together with me, join through the process of steady growth.

Peace out.

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