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Hi fellas! How are you? I hope and pray that everyone and everything is well on your side. Life has been a bit up and down in the past days hence no update since then. Still and all, I decided to make a new post today.

First off, I apologetically accept the fact that I am not as much active as I should be. Lack of motivation, time management, not passionate enough, or whatever – there’d be heck lot of reasons for it. But I don’t lose hope that someday I’ll have a backlash on my state of mind to focus a little more. It’s just that I don’t want to force anything on myself; and keep going as it comes.

I on being kind to my soul, “Hold on, child! You’ll reach there sooner or later. Just don’t give up. Go with the flow and learn consistency.” *All smiles*

In other news, I have just joined Patreon and want y’all to show me your love and support there too. As a content creator, I want my work to be valued as much as possible. Along with appreciation, getting paid for what you do motivates one to another level. Right? So, this is the reason I signed up to it.

  • What is Patreon? A membership platform where creators get paid for the content they post.
  • How it works? Creators set up subscription pages for patrons to join in return of some perks or incentives. Donors then pledge to give a certain amount for the respective tiers.

Now talk about some queries on personal-level:

  • What will you get on Patreon? On this platform, I’ll create subscription plans to go a long way. (Further details will be shared soon.)
  • What do I want from you? If you like my content and a true follower, join me here.

I am looking forward to my cognitive growth. And hopefully, it’ll going to be a part of the process.

Peace out.

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