In The Feed: 3 Picks From Luxury Footwear Stores

Hey, hey, hey! You all might know by far that I have been meaning to update regularly on the blog. If not, now you do. And while making brains work, I have come up with the idea of creating some stuff under the head “In the Feed.” The plan is to do some random posts, in which I will show off my appreciation for some elements around. It could be anything; no limitations. Nevertheless, everything I share here will be accountable to add value (of some sort) to your life.

Let’s begin.

Today, I have picked these footwear stores to talk about. Here, you find some of the quality pieces to complement your formal to casual looks. A few of them, which I share below, have my eye on them. So I think, without any further ramble, we must jump right in.

  1. Malhaa Footwear

Though there are some other striking items here, I had to list the one trending these days. Doesn’t it give a kind of Cinderella-like feels? I mean, just look at it – the glass slipper that she left at the ball, it looks very much similar to that.

Shop Now: Malhaa; Star Tapered; PKR 2350

2. Dazzle By Sarah

One of the luxury collections of khussas, kolhapuris, and more are found here. While all khussas look perfectly cushioned on the inside, their specialty is Nawabi Khussas. I have not seen those somewhere else. This Emerald one literally made me yearn for it.

Shop Now: Dazzel By Sarah; Emerald; PKR 3273 (15% Off Price)

3. Shoe Planet

Not to overlook the other stuff, I particularly like a lot of block heels on the Shoe Planet. Though it was one kind of the hardest decision to pick one, I somehow did so. These suede block heels may amp up any minimal clothing. An apt choice for summers!

Shop Now: Shoe Planet; Women Block Heels; PKR 4999

Peace out.

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