I Took A Competitive Exam And Here’s What I Have Learned

Hello, you guys! I have just completed another milestone in my life. Though it might not sound alike to a lot of you as I appeared in a competitive exam, I feel a sense of accomplishment. You know, some things that happen randomly in your life and bring out a new in you – it was one of those for me. Never have I ever in my dreams thought of doing so, but God has His plans for us. The whole journey (preparation to appearing in the exam) turned out a life-changing experience for me. And today, I am sharing what I have learnt as a person throughout. Let’s begin.

1. One cannot do everything. If you tend to be a perfectionist and aim to cover different things in one time, it is not possible at all. And as soon as you accept the fact, you feel a lot more human. Either it is life or an exam, things keep getting complex as we grow. So, the key is just keep going. The one who gets stuck is the loser.

Earlier, I had a notion that I can know & do anything entirely for which I make enough struggle. And I am proved wrong here. The only thing we know is our perspective, which is built over time.

2. Nothing happens overnight. Everything takes time. Be patient. Many times, you are unable to see outcomes or what you have achieved. But there is definitely something you get if you are determined. Know your direction and keep hustling. Just don’t give up.

Sometimes, I used to question myself what and why I was doing. But then, I had to shun those thoughts to get back the track again.

3. Sleep is extremely important to function. Once a work starts giving you joy, it is usually something designed for you only. You get involved in it so much that you forget the track of time. Not only that, but also food, shower, sleep, or any other activity, which is essential for a human to function – you forget about everything.

I once ruined my routine pattern and totally felt lethargic. The fatigue caused me dizziness throughout the day. So much so that I even slept in the loo *shameless giggles*. Since then, I am convinced of how important sleep is to keep going in everyday life.

4. Everything is a process. As I have mentioned above that nothing happens overnight, it is a process. You must remain consistent in what you do to achieve what you want. Focus more on the process than the destination, and rest will feel like a magic.

In my case, I got to fight against inconsistency as well as timidity. This is so because, most of the times, you have to be your own cheerleader and pat on the back for coming so far.

5. Progress over perfection. This is something I need to notify and remind myself more often. Perfection is a myth. And as we struggle, progress is definite in the respective area. Begin now. Whether right or wrong, just do it.

I don’t know but I have an itch to be perfect in many things I do. I want everything I do to be flawless. But how can I attain perfection without being in the process and making progress? Hence now, I try more to take action rather than simply pick out a perfect product.

6. Life is a continuous struggle. If after one hustle you think it’s over, you’re living a dream, darling! It is not like that you have achieved a thing & now you can sit and chill for the rest of your life. Instead, constant grinding should be the principle.

I have understood the fact that life is not what you get but what you make. So if I aim to build my life, I got to RISE, GRIND, and REPEAT. The moment I bail after any circumstance in a struggle, I lose. Taking rest is crucial, but don’t get habitual of it.

7. One must not lose focus. There are a lot of distractions to take you off what is needed. Half of what you do is just staying focused. Learn to control your mind. Every time you lose focus, get it back. It is a practice you do very often to harness the intellect and be mindful.

I have realized that we take things for granted. I know everything, I’ll do that later, I am the best – such (and alike) attitudes destroy us. Learning is the repetitive behavior, and focus is vital for it. A lot of podcasts of Jim Kwik and Dandapani helped me in this regard. This one and many others shifted my perspective.

8. There is no failure. Only growth. If you have a fear of failure, the only way to get over it is by taking action. You cannot just sit and be anxious of what will happen next because “Que Sera Sera”. It is a Spanish phrase translates as “What will be, will be”, which has become my favorite quote over the time.

The only thing in my hand is putting effort. And not to ignore the odds of failure, I do not need to be ashamed if that happens. Rather, I should be satisfied and proud of all the hard work I did. I must not let anything take over my nerves. Before-and-now self-analysis is the best measuring tool for this purpose. This way, I know that I have at least accomplished something and in a better place than yesterday.

9. Our brain works like a muscle. This is so damn literal. Like you work out to build and strengthen different muscles of your body, your brain also works in the same way. You need to practice different exercises regularly to keep it active and build cognitive skills.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for a meaningful life. There is a great privilege in knowing, thinking, observing, reasoning, and more. And once you turn on all these capabilities, you get the brains you don’t even know about.

10. One cannot control everything. Live with the flow. Things get messy – and even messier at times. Obstacles are a part of life hence unavoidable. It is generally advised to be prepared for circumstances in life; however, it is not possible all the time.

In my opinion, it is not an easy job to deal with unpredictable things gently. Even superheroes are left beaten sometimes, and that’s fine. They only come up better and stronger next. Through times, breathe, let it go, and live with the flow – the mantra that helps much enough. My response to happenings matter the most. And this too, my dear, I have learned with time.

11. Discipline is the key. “Discipline will take you to places where motivation can’t”. I read this quote somewhere (not sure about the exact source hence not mentioned) and it hit me hard. Though I have been practicing it much but couldn’t recognize its impact on my life till I read it.

I set deadlines for myself and stick to them very strictly. As I was short on time and had a lot to cover, it was the discipline that kept me going. I increased my resistance to a lot of my temptations and distractions with the help of dopamine detox. And I believe that the habits which I built overtime should not be limited to that phase only. I need to practice it every day for a productive lifestyle.

12. Stress is certain. But never let it overcome you. No matter what the reason is, stress only puts a toll on your health. Due to which, you get caught to a lot of issues like insomnia, fatigue, muscle tension, etc. It haunts you. Here, I’d say that you need to have faith in your potential, let things happen, and do your best on the ground.

Despite all the hard work and sleepless nights, I got doubts that I am not good enough. Due to which, I was unable to sleep peacefully and suffered with severe muscle strain on my shoulders. Then I asked myself if it will help anything. The answer I got was NO. So there is no use of all such misery to oneself. One moment a perception like that built, the other all pain faded away. It was one hell of a relief.

That’s it.

P.S: Let’s keep “about-the-exam” talk for another time.

Peace out.


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  1. How original! This is all what i needed to know. Thanks for helping, and All the best for the bright future.

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