I Got Covid-19 Vaccine

So it was yesterday when I went to get my Covid-19 vaccine. Overlooking all the rumors, I had the first dose. I went to Expo Centre (Location: Main University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi). Everything was well-organized and managed thoroughly to not cause any trouble for the people. There was an outdoor shelter provided for everyone standing outside in the sun. A proper queue set-up was arranged for the public arriving at the Vaccination Centre.

As I reached there, it hardly took 20-25 minutes in the waiting area outside. It was hot, but thanks to all the arrangements, hats off (as I didn’t expect it even this much, hehe. Kudos to my underestimation skills!). And then, after getting inside the hall, the process was quite simple to follow. There was a huge public yet no chaos. A well-structured system of ninety-six cubicles was occupied for the vaccination only – that too available 24×7.

As asked, I proceeded to enter a cubicle. The attendant asked for my details (like Name, CNIC Number, and Mobile Number), and that’s it. Since he operated on the web, the form he filled was integrated with Nadra. I also received a hard copy of that form (with the date for the next dose mentioned on that). It has a QR code, which validates the report on a scan. Note: At some Vaccination Centres, they also give vaccine record cards, which are equally acceptable, so no worries.

After that, I got the shot and just waited in the post-vaccination area to notice any reaction, if any (I didn’t). That’s it.

If you are thinking of getting vaccination, go ahead – it is all safe. And even if you are vaccinated already, wear a mask and keep social distance. Save lives.

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Peace out.


Updated on July 7, 2021:

I was scheduled on 6 July for the second dose. So I went for it to complete the course. A few sources reported that there were people rescheduled for the vaccines have been short. Despite the fact, I went as asked. Thankfully, I got my second shot without any inconvenience.

Everything was sorted in hardly 15-20 minutes. Due to less crowd, it was even easier than before.

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