How I celebrated Eid-ul-Fitar (2021)

The sudden announcement of the moon sighted for Eid has got us all into a rush (you must be in it, right?). Where I was low-key all ready for twenty-nine rozas (fasts) for the fact that Shaabaan had thirty days (OG logic), it would be a lunatic month. It was one whole lot of a strange dilemma till this happened. Right after that, last minute preparations were so quick like never. Phew! Everything went well and all fun. *happy face*

Here, I have done a breakdown of how this whole day went by. It’d be my pleasure if you read the complete post (and stay connected for more, may be?). Let’s begin.

Waking up early in the morning to a new day is one of the pleasures I take in mindful living (though it takes one hell of a struggle out of me, I count it as my little wins). And on an Eid day, the joy got multiplied. I had one full breakfast meal. Alhamdulillah x infinity. Being grateful for simple things (like food on your table) in life – one attains such rewards of gratitude only after the whole month of fasting in Ramzan.

Took shower, had sheer khurma (nothing beats the one my mother cooks, yum!), and got ready. When (one eternity later, hehe) I was done with all dress up and make up, I met the family, we took pictures, and spent time with each other. Also, ammi (I call my mother ‘ammi’) cooked biryani for the lunch. We had that in the afternoon. Moms are the best. After that, it got tiring so I changed into my comfortable clothes, offered prayers, and lied down to rest. While doing so, I chatted with some friends and sent them Eid wishes.

When I woke up after a long sleep, it was dinner time. Ammi and I were feeling like having a head massage, so we gave a relaxing champissage to each other. We had the leftover biryani afterwards and she went to sleep. I offered my prayers and felt like putting mehndi on my hands (because I could not on the chand raat) hence I did so. And then I slept.

That’s it from my side.

How did your Eid with ‘No Jhappiyan and Pappiyan’ (pun-intended) go? Let’s talk in the comments below.


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