Favorite Thing: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo

Have you ever thought of finding a shampoo as brilliant as I have? Yes. I have never had felt this much strong about any other shampoo so far. But this one has completely surpassed other alternatives. The range of Palmer’s shampoos have just come to my life and I am loving it so very much. Ever since I knew about it, I was restless enough to treat my hair with it. Last month, I finally picked the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo (to control the hairfall) and decided to give it a try for a few weeks. In about two or three attempts, I was sold. Due to the constant hairfall, it won’t be wrong saying that I would have been gone bald in sometime. And just then, this one helped out me very much. Currently, I have used the Coconut Oil Formula and love the results that I get (will definitely be checking out the Olive Oil Formula on my next buy). Not only that my hairfall has reduced to minimum, but also my hair softened down, look much healthier, and even full of life. This shampoo that I had used as a hair loss treatment, killed it in many other ways too.

I and my hair, both are super happy with this shampoo range. I love what it has done to my hair so much that I have decided to get my hands on it again and again. Now and onwards, I am not letting this shampoo escape from arsenal.

Now, it is a quick review of all the things that I love about it:

Makes my hair feel so soft and fine. It literally does.

No Sulfates. No Parabens. These two ingredients are the standard for almost every shampoo to make that stuff turn into some thick lather in the shower. Additionally, become a cause of frizziness in some cases (like mine). By excluding them, this shampoo totally works as a moisture replenishment therapy for your damaged and dry hair.

Range of Options. Regardless I have tried and loved the one option yet, there are also variants addressing different hair types.

Since it really helped with my hairfall, I am definitely going to give a try to the Olive Oil Formula (for fragile and brittle hair) as well. Those who are looking for an instant solution for their dry, damaged, and lifeless hair, it is the thing that’ll work for you. Just try it out.

It is available at most of the places in Pakistan. So, you are able to get a hold of it from any market easily.

Peace out.


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