Dua – A Way of Communication with God

Disclaimer: All opinions I share here are general. It does not depict any specific situation or condition, but only my intimate views about Dua. I am a striving Muslim with limited religious knowledge who tends to improve and broaden the horizon every day. And as everyone has their individual experiences, you may have different/better views than mine. If we are on the same page, great. If not, I respect your turn of mind too. (Unnecessarily adding up) Sharing your outlook might help others thinking, maybe?

I think, by now, I should begin with the post. So, here we go.

Sometimes I wonder the helplessness of us as human beings. God has created man perfect in its whole. He granted him the best of things seen or unseen. Fresh air to breathe, variety of foods to eat, clean water to drink, and top of all, a comprehensive way (Islam) to lead a successful life. We would not have been that capable of knowing all the good and bad if He had not done favor upon us. After providing all of such and abilities that man is free to decide and act in any way, He still kept the control of us with Himself. Because He wants His servants to know Him, connect with Him, and build a relation with their Creator, different worships were prescribed. And since Dua has been regarded as the best form of worship by our Holy Prophet (PBUH), we know it makes a great difference.

Generally, we make dua when we need something. We pray, pray, and pray harder. The dua we make is sometimes answered immediately, and the others, it is not. And if we don’t get what we ask for, we complain. We become hopeless (which is a great sin in Islam as it is a result of ignorance of the greatness of the Almighty) thinking if Allah is not happy with us.

Let’s make it (something I have learned over time) very clear here. Acceptance of our duas has nothing to do with whether Allah is happy with us or not. And even if there is some connection between these two things, we cannot guess.

Moreover, note that the reality of dua is to call Allah. We often confuse it with asking. Though we also make requests in our duas, it is not more than a humble slave of Allah begging Him to help him solve his problems. Engaging in a conversation with Him is a much more valuable act. Hence, calling Him to connect and communicate with us is, in the end, the purpose of dua – and eventually the final goal.

With the first world problems, everyone is a solace-seeker these days. Despite having it all what we wish and work for, it never suffices anyone. And in the likely situation, we need someone to lament to and comfort us anyhow. We look for help here and there, but no use. Despite, our soul gets a bit more restless. And then we complain about what we have done to deserve such distress.

Remember, difficulties in life are certain. And because we make a dua to Allah, it doesn’t signify that all our problems will be solved. Know that there were prophets (peace be upon them), much more pious than we are, also went through trials. Hence, it is important to believe that there is always khair in His plans. And these hard times are the small price that we pay for the better things coming from Allah. Either for us or someone else.

Sometimes, our desperate intentions lead us to frustration if we don’t get immediately what we ask for. In a situation like that, do not lose hope and have faith. This way, you get more barkat (prosperity), Insha’Allah.

P.S: Inspiration for this post is taken from here.

That’s it for today. I will await your stance on what I just shared. Don’t forget to share it in the comments below.

Peace out.

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