Book Corner: Namal

Some days ago, I just ended up reading this big book that shifted my perspectives towards life in many ways. The main reason for which may be the plot revolves around Islamic teachings taking references from the Holy Quran (precisely, Surah Namal). Characters coming across different life-changing experiences that might have taken their beliefs off of God still seek help from this sacred book is something that influenced me the most. However, evil is also very well drawn in the overall storyline. Murders, heart-break, betrayal, revenge, hopelessness, depression, and a lot more substances are portrayed throughout.

I must admit it here that despite it was an interesting one that keeps you hooked on reading more & more; I have prolonged it enough (besharam feels? No. Hehe :P). This might be due to my slow comprehension or lack of mental stability to digest deep thoughts at the end of the day when I usually got to read after work-life – Not sure. But whatever it is, I am done, FINALLY.

Book: Namal

Genre: Spirituality

Author: Nemrah Ahmad

Good Reads: 4.49/5

Thumbs Up/Down: Always, Up.

Will I Re-read It? Yes, of-course.

My Review: Namal is an intense novel and it’d be unjust to summarize it. But for the sake of this review, I’ll try to make the best of my attempts. So, this is a story of two families who are actually one by blood but parted when it comes to morals, lifestyle, financial status, etc. And these differences I’d say tend to cause other deceits which only got bigger and bigger. As a whole, Yousufs and Kaardars, both had their fair share of losses. But what makes them Yousufs winner is their patience, gratitude, prayers, repentance, faith, and enough knowledge of deen (a few metrics that I have been able to extract from insights).

Apart from all of that, the author has touched many other contexts in a very engaging way. And since then, my mind is caught up with so much. The most important thing that intrigued me through the read is how we humans are so fragile yet tend to be so proud at times where the only power belongs to Him only. If you’re someone who’s into spirituality, I’ve got to say that you’ll drown into the abyss of deep thoughts while reading this novel. It induces you to think about life towards the right direction.

What I Liked the Most? Connection with Quranic teachings. Whenever Zumar and Saadi dig in deep and do find relevancy of life with Quranic Ayahs, it just makes sense in mind. It really does. Some raw and deep bits explained so well that I am in awe.

Tip: The novel is super potent and consuming. So just read it with all your mind presence in it to end up with great extractions.

Peace out.

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  1. A worth reading novel in which all the things portray with the refrences, every girl should read atleast once.

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