*Beware* I got scammed by a highly raged online shopping brand

You must agree that we all have fallen for online shopping in today’s times of the Covid-19 pandemic – willingly or unwillingly. As we got to stay indoors and ensure social distancing, it has given a boom to the e-commerce industry. Though it is a kind of convenience, brands need to be more vigilant and work on their services.

So the other day, I ran out of a few things in my vanity and opted to place an online order with Bagallery. Generally, I don’t go online shopping without enough research about the brand and did so this time as well. This brand has got a bunch of mixed reviews, especially considering the discussion in women’s exclusive groups on Facebook. Some did not receive their orders for the past year (yes, you read it right), but some got it in the expected time. And then, some disappointed customers received either broken/unsealed (not in an appropriate condition) or fake products. This brand claims to have some crazy deals all the time on their website, which can tempt anyone to befool. And the cherry on top is their influencer marketing – it hires the leading influencers to take advantage of their already-built audiences. Rather than that, there is a need to work on improving their services first.

Despite knowing all the facts, I made the stupid mistake of buying from them (especially during this festive season as Eid is coming). God knows what I assumed that I might be one of those who received their orders without any trouble or delays. But no, I got scammed too. And since I prefer paying on the spot, my hard-earned money is lost. Now I realize that the brand that doesn’t respond to the order inquiry will never refund my amount. I don’t have any hopes.

It is not that I had not intended to try some other places for my stuff; the alternate brand’s website was not responsive enough to allow me to place an order with them. So, I tried my luck with Bagallery. It has been more than two weeks since I placed my order, and I have certainly lost it now (referring to the reviews I read earlier).

I won’t only bash the brand here, but a huge responsibility comes to the influencers as well. Amongst many reasons for people to follow them, recommendations are one. And if they do it to for the sake of money only, know that the businesses don’t run this way. Genuine reviews and promotions build trust and work in the long run. If they got to work with a brand, they need to make sure that it is worth it for their reputation now associate with it too. Today’s customer is smart enough. So, better not ruin the name you have earned in the industry so far for a few pennies.

If I receive my order, I will definitely update it here. Till then, my fate hangs in the balance.

Peace out.



So, it is on June 25, which is almost after two months that I received my parcel. A day before the delivery I got an email from them with my receipt attached to it. And then the next day, it arrived. Whatsoever, it didn’t have all the items I ordered. Out of three, they delivered only two products. For the missing one, they didn’t even send a refund. Never going to buy anything from this site again. What a horrible experience it has been!

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