A spontaneous fall into the memories

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The other day I got a notification on my screen that my cloud storage has fallen short. So if I want to keep using it, I need to sort it out immediately. For which, I either had to buy a Google membership or simply delete some old files (which I don’t need anymore) to free up space. I went with the latter because duh, Bro! Who doesn’t like to go easy on their pocket?

And as I planned on it, photos were the first most option I got on my list. Since I used to take pictures all the time – whether it is notes on the board from a lecture or a good moment to be remembered, I got a huge junk of images from which I would have chosen a few to delete far along but never got a chance. Not just that, but also I had (or maybe, have) a habit of saving some random yet interesting stuff from the internet. There was a whole lot of unnecessary stash kept in that folder at the same time. Long story short, I needed to clean the space, or else wise it would have troubled my emails.

If you are not bored yet and have come this far & still reading, kudos! The real talks and core of this post is what I am going to share now.

Over time, we suffer, evolve, and grow so much that realization gets lost somewhere in the process. While going through all those photos, I legit got a recap of the past decade – friends, family, people, food, places, and many other things. Some faces have grown old, some have shown their true colors, or others have just become history. A lot has changed. If I talk about food, I had not only had minimal meals but fancy ones too (as per my capacity, of course). All momentary pleasures I enjoyed to the fullest. If it is about having fun, I got different memories with friends. Oh, and nothing more stupid and wholesome than that. Not that much happening, but travel memoirs were also there. I have lived the best of my life so far with what I got.

The fact is, as humans, we are ungrateful, and I believe it requires a recall now and then. Since with what comes and goes, all that makes our personality, extractions are essential. Just don’t be rude or harsh on yourself. Be gentle. I here once again preach that we are a product of all good and bad times in our lives. And holding on to anyone or anything is not possible. Therefore, we are only accountable for our traits. That’s it.

Plus, if you ever take a flashback, I’d want you to ask yourself:

‘Are you satisfied today with how it all went?’

‘I know you reminisce those old days (good & bad, both). But they were meant to pass in any way. Aren’t they?’

‘Did you live it to the fullest?’

‘Had it got you teary eyed and a smile at the same time?’

‘Are you happy that you aced in the process?’

THINK. Whatever the answers you get, do not catch up in the past. Take a deep breathe. Let go and take responsibility now on. Things are going to be much erratic next. In what way? No one knows.


Some time ago, I did a post about things I have learned about life so far. Would mind giving it a read? Here you go.

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Peace out.

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