A Magic Potion for Your Skin

The name ‘hyaluronic acid’ may sound a little scary to a few of you, like “WAIT, WHATTTTT??? Do I have to use acid on my skin?” What if I say things are totally different than you think? Uh-huh, this product is something that instead adds life to your skin. NO MATTER WHAT SKIN TYPE YOU ARE, IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC. In other words, it is your skin’s best friend.

Disclaimer: I am not a pro. However, the information I share here is adequate to the extent it has worked for me. You can always ask your dermatologist for any particular concern. And in another case, if you are already familiar with the benefits of hyaluronic acid, let us know how your experience has been. The comments section is always open for you.

Let’s continue with the post now.

The Ordinary has been viral all over the internet for quite some time. The brand features wide range of peptide serums as different skin solutions. I have recently started using their hyaluronic acid, and the result is amazing! It is the best for night-time use.

ICYDK, your body already naturally produces hyaluronic acid to hold on moisture in your skin cells.

It is something emollients are not capable of as they stay only on the outer skin surface. Thus, it won’t be wrong saying that it quenches your skin’s thirst.

What I like the most?

  • Super Hydrating: I have been using it for a month now. And I can definitely feel the difference. It infuses the skin with sufficient hydration, which no moisturizer has ever done so far.
  • Makes your skin fresh and youthful: As this is a part of my PM Skincare Routine, face-wash is the first thing I do right after getting up in the morning. It is necessary to remove all the toxins which extract over the night. And now that the residual product, after all its work through the night, is also present there, you need to wash it off. I will mention here that I don’t really have any skin issues. And by using this, I feel my skin a little more fresh and breathable.
  • Reasonable Price: I purchased it for PKR 1700/- only. For the kind of elixir it carries, the price is justifiable – for it lasts about 1-2 months of use. Different vendors offer different prices for their goods so, I generally await a sale for buying high-end products like these. I’d recommend doing your own research before making a purchase.

What I don’t like?

Nothing. I love this. And will be religiously making it a part of my regime for more prominence in results.

Where is it available?

As it has all rage and been common amongst its consumer market, it should be available at all supermarkets (I have not visited one personally though). I got this one from Bagallery, which I won’t recommend. You can read my whole experience with them here.

Some other places where you may find genuine The Ordinary products are: Aodour Pakistan, Skin Store Pakistan, The Skin Maskuerade, and Glam Panda Pakistan. They deal in 100% authentic stuff (as per reference of a trustworthy friend, I don’t have any particular experience with them too).

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That’s it for now. Peace out. 

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