A Letter To My 18 Years Old Self

Dear M,

I am glad that you have started to face off the real challenges of life now. But at the same time, I am worried and really concerned. You are a kind soul. And this cruel world rarely helps the traits you hold. There isn’t no need to worry though, honey! I know you’ll rise above all adversities. Hard times will make you stronger, smarter, and wiser. And on the other side, calm waters will allow you to embrace the solitude. Either way, there is definitely something for you in everything.

Remember, while you were a little girl, how you used to hang around with your mother. While she cooked meals, you learned your daily lessons from school. Days are coming for life lessons now. Failures, heartbreaks, betrayals, and a lot more awaits you ahead. Don’t be scared whatsoever. IT ALL BELONGS TO YOU – FOR YOU. You might have heard of one famous saying, “The show must go on”, so keep moving. Never stuck in one place.

You have done very well so far. Slow and steady progresses will move you towards your destiny. You’ll receive more than your dreams. Probably, it’s all because your intentions are never wrong. It’ll surprise you how the traumas of the poor girl in you will pass over. Despite the scars, it won’t bother you anymore. This will take long, very long time – but you’ll be free one day. And as they say, “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”. I second this statement in regard with you.

In all the battles, you will be all by yourself. And you’ll learn that, no worries. There would be times when you’ll live inside many of your answered prayers – and that’ll look like just as usual. You’ll have to make conscious efforts on regular basis. Embrace your pace for everything, and try to be comfortable with it. You are neither early nor late, but right on time. This process – it has got a lot for you. The world is yours to explore. I know, a humble soul like you may also turn hard on yourself at times. In those moments, make sure that you take enough rest. You deserve it.

Since you like getting back to your cocoon every time, dealing with the external world is going to be a real task for you. Nevertheless, you’ll always find a way out and set boundaries for people around you. You’re a rebel, sweetheart! Not to mention, take joy of life’s adventurous experiences. Because most of them you won’t even remember later. And there’ll be only memories left for you. So appreciate what you have on your plate for now.

A life full of love, fun, and new opportunities is all yours to make it. Go for all your choices wisely, yet unregretfully. Just don’t lose hope. And never give up.


A decade old and experienced version of yourself

1 thought on “A Letter To My 18 Years Old Self

  1. Mishi and my wife to be inshallah u have written and amazing thought mashallah.

    I will get you to write an autobiography on my life one day inshallah

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