5 Things We Can Learn from “Khaani”

While writing this, I hardly accept the fact that you do not know about this girl (referencing “Khaani” from the blockbuster hit of our Pakistani drama industry – Khaani). Sana Javed, who puts life into the character, fathomed to portray all shades of Khaani’s personality impeccably. How a scared girl transforms into a courageous, strong, and brave one turned out to be real stellar of her performance. Amidst of following the storyline, a deep analysis made me feel like there is so much to learn from her eternal purity. So, here is a breakdown of all the spectacular qualities of this selfless girl.

  1. Claim your Rights. Life is unpredictable. It surprises us with unexpected events every time. The most heart-breaking one is when your world turns upside down. You can’t stay quiet here. I know that it isn’t that simple and requires enough strength and self-esteem to reform the dual standards of this society, but SPEAK UP. If something wrong/bad has happened, it should not keep going as it is. We must raise voice against that. Even though consequences make us helpless and hold back sometimes, it can still make a difference if we grab all our courage to fight against the evil. If not big, but at least small expediencies surely take place.
  2. Overcome your Fears. Don’t be one of those who are always depending on others – for even little favors in life. Everyone has certain fears but we should not let them prevail. Get over your weaknesses, learn to face the bitter realities, and take a stand. Because if we don’t get out of our comfort zone, we won’t be able to introduce ourselves to the strength that we already own.
  3. Be Brave. I believe that every human is scared of unsolicited events. This is why we pre-plan everything. We think that we deserve what we want, but God has better plans for us. Be brave enough to face all circumstances. As long as you have a firm belief in the greatness of Allah, you win. Just go with the flow and time will heal all wounds.
  4. Live a Stable Life. Your life is what you make it. No matter how complicated things may get, don’t settle for less. It is totally fine if things don’t go your way. Be a believer of the fact that Almighty has planned only the best for you. Don’t lose hope. We are always advised to settle down and it’ll all be clear, which is why we are unable to take certain decisions in life. Widen your vision pertaining life, and take charge of your own happiness.
  5. Falling in Love is Never Wrong. Amongst all the emotions that God has poured out in our hearts, LOVE is the one (which comes in different forms). It is nothing wrong if such feelings arouse for someone special. Figure out if it is REAL. Is it what you ACTUALLY WANT? Is it WORTH ENOUGH? SET YOUR STANDARDS. Never jump to conclusions directly. Analyze everything deeply, and then express your instincts towards it.
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