5 Things We Have Enjoyed as 90’s Kids

*Phew* Just got a quick teeny-tiny escape from all my jumbled life to give a childhood throwback to you peeps. No matter how joyful, fun, and luxurious the lives of children these days are (in terms of toys, games, and multimedia they use), we still had the best of all. Amen?

And now that I have been reminiscing about the old school stuff today, I’ll definitely drag my readers into it too. (How can I make you go so easily?)

1. No Loadshedding

Golden were the days when even the loadshedding’s concept didn’t exist. However, if by chance, any breakdown kind of shit had happened, we would not have to wait for long. I wish to have those days back (with a little bonus of access to my gadgets of this age). I sometimes feel EXTRA, all of a sudden. Never mind.

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2. No Digital Games

I shyly admit that I have not been into outdoor games very much since I was not allowed, and enjoyed indoor games (like Ludo, Carrom, Name/Place/Thing, etc.) only. I remember Ludo was the most go-to game in summer vacation every year. Whenever getting bored, just set up a game and your hours are gone rejoiced perfectly. These iconic games are so ever-green that now became a part of the digital world too.

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3. Reel Cameras

Neither selfies nor the multiple numbers of clicks to get one perfect picture. One camera with a film reel to take out limited photos. Literally, the photos were saved for a lifetime and you didn’t have the fear of losing them accidentally.

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4. Game Boy

I really miss it very bad. There used to be a range of twenty-six games normally, from alphabet A-Z. And from all, my favorite is “Tetris” (one of the addictive puzzle games). Whenever I have it, it is like playing the mind game of time, seriously.

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5. Dial-up Internet

I won’t be wrong if saying it the time when internet was actually making its place in our lives. We had to have some basic telephone network for getting a connection to the internet service. On establishing the dial-up connection, a horrible buzzing sound notifies the progress of service. No doubt, it would be the only thing that made us happy with its farewell.

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You’ve got more memories? Please to share them in comments below.

Peace out.


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