5 Snacks I Keep at My Office Desk

While sitting on a work-station, everyone gets distracted by random thoughts. Sometimes it is the fear of incomplete errands/chores haunting, and the others it is just sheer idleness taking your focus away. But what even takes the lead is a “Snack Attack.” Yes. I am the kind of person who dreams of food *all the time*. So I make sure to keep the right kind of snacks by my side beforehand (with a hope for productive vibes to get in).

On the contrary, I understand the fact that it is really hard to keep a balance between healthy and sedentary lifestyle. So I did my research and get to choose some smart options for my bite to eat with numerous health benefits. Join me in the league? Of course, you will.

In no particular order, let’s begin like this.

1. Fruits

This is the best example of anytime-snack. During my work, I simply keep cut-down apple(s), peeled off (cut into pieces for apt bites, sometimes) banana(s), or just any other fruit of the season on my table. All fruits contain some sort of essential nutrients so I enjoy having them no matter what.

2. Water

It is the best liquid that exists in the whole wide world. I usually fill a regular 1-liter bottle to add splendor to my work desk and avoid concentration break-ups at times.

3. Dried Fruits And Nuts

Who doesn’t love nuts (unless they are allergic)? I make sure to have dried fruits in my stash always. But since they are dense in caloric content, I exercise portion control and have them for staving off my munchies only. All in all, they are great energy boosters to make a part of your diet.

4. Green Tea

Now that’s something I can’t stack before time, but when I need it. After spending hours at work, taking a short break is acceptable. So I just go get myself a cup of green tea and detoxify my body in the mid-day. (On an additional note, I take this beverage twice a day for good results.)

5. Popcorn

Whenever I do groceries, I make sure to grab myself some popcorn. Since it is full of necessary fibers, minerals, and a whole grain, I take it as a good option for my mid-day nibble. (Did I mention air-popped popcorn with no add-ons is the only perfect choice to go for?)

Peace out.

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