5 Fashion and Beauty Bloggers/Influencers to Follow on Instagram

While the world has shrunk and turned out to be a global village now – the internet, especially social media plays a vital role. These days, the trendiest and the most talked about social platform is Instagram. It is not only a place where you find celebrities slaying, but also the paparazzi and news companies sharing their latest and spicy updates. And mainly, when you are so much obsessed and influenced with makeup tutorials (like me), nothing could be better than following some Desi yet high-end bloggers on Instagram.

Following are my personally favorites. I promise, you’ll love all of them as I do.

1. JEEBEE as @itsjeebee by Instagram

JEEBEE is a Karachi based blogger, who not only gives some exciting reviews but also an inspirational YouTuber. By doing experiments with colors, she ends up creating looks that are worth a stare. More often, the girl tries some not-so-common hair colors that I swoon over them. And guess what, she runs promising giveaways once in a while that you must participate.

Ain’t she gorg enough?

2. Jannat Mir as @jannattmirr by Instagram

Jannat is a Karachi based lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blogger. She loves her work and is very passionate about it. She writes product reviews and does a lot of promotional stuff as well. Also on her profile, you’ll find one-minute tutorials sharing some exceptional beauty tips like a pro.

She is the inspiration these days.

3. Areesha Kamran as @areesha_kamrann by Instagram

Areesha is a young talented girl sharing makeup and reviews in her posts. The girl is extremely brilliant at what she does. On her blog, you’ll find her ranting about the makeup products along with some tips and tricks to enjoy.

Head over to know about all her honest reviews.

4. Nayab Najam as @nayabloves by Instagram

This girl has literally got my heart. Nayab is a blogger from Islamabad, Pakistan who moved to Chicago, Illinois after her marriage. She works day in, day out to give her best shot. From her photography skills to honest product reviews; everything is just perfect. Her posts are interesting with your daily dose of high-end beauty product reviews. Recently, she has also started doing some vlogs on her YouTube channel to keep you engaged there as well.

How she manages to glam up in the simplest and easiest steps. *Sigh*

5. Tanzeela Khan Niazi as @tanzeelakay by Instagram

A style and beauty influencer, designer, publicist, and what not – this girl from Lahore, Pakistan has taken the game to next level with more than 70k followers. Tanzeela is managing her profile like a ninja. Living an elite life, she makes some wooing style statements. Other than that, you’d regret ignoring her posts featuring sarcastic, inspirational, and sometimes romantic tone in a few words. What else can I say? You may simply go and follow her to get bumps of latest fashion trends right in your Insta feed.

She is the real stunner, indeed!

Peace out.

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