3 Most Amazing Liquid Matte Lip Colors from my Make-Up Vanity

Hi there. Today, I have decided to talk about the three high-end lip colors from my makeup vanity. For me, lip colors are LOVE, OBSESSION, MOOD-CHANGER, and what not. They have some sort of magnetic powers that pull me and do experiments with the different hues.

A few days back, I received this interesting gift of three Liquid Matte Brushes by Morphe from my aunt in KSA. Although I have been very much into vibrant and bright colors these days (I never told her that), she sent me these amazingly gorgeous lip colors that I totally love. Let’s just roll towards the discussion.

Product. Liquid Matte Brushes by Morphe

Application. Very smooth, matte, and moisturizing.

Pigmentation. Strong. They give a very fine and buildable finish.

Lasting Limit. Medium. They resist almost half a day unless you have some proper meal and ruin the glamour.


  • Unlike every other matte lipstick, they are very moisturizing that you barely feel something on your lips. They never dry up your lips.
  • The brushes glide up on your lips very smoothly that a few swipes are enough to get the desired results.
  • Despite the fact that these are matte lip colors, they keep your lips soft and plum.
  • I usually prefer applying an outline before putting on some lip color. But these brushes don’t let me bother much about it.

Here is the individual review on each shade in detail.

Shade no. 1: Morphe Brushes LiquidMatte in Video Star

At first, I took it as the most shocking pink which I also decided to pass out to someone else, but Faryal (my sister) recommended to keep it (as we be greedy at times). It doesn’t look that radiant after application. Shamelessly, it was worth it.

Shade no. 2: Morphe Brushes LiquidMatte in HeartBreaker

This color might not be for everyone, but my love for lipsticks; more precisely for the dark-shades made me a huge fan of it. Even though I can’t wear it more than just a few times in one month, it is very close to the ideal red tone my soul has been searching for long.

Shade no. 3: Morphe Brushes LiquidMatte in Cheerleader

I am a big fan of brown shades in lipcolors, and it is like another addition to my arsenal. Whenever I am in the mood, it turns out to my go-to choice.

That’s it. Bye. 🙂

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