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5 Snacks I Keep at My Office Desk

While sitting on a work-station, everyone gets distracted by random thoughts. Sometimes it is the fear of incomplete errands/chores haunting, and the others it is just sheer idleness taking your focus away. But what even takes the lead Continue Reading

The Highly Talked-About Tres Leche Cake in Karachi

*Updated on December 2018 with another addition*

A few weeks back, I came to know about this mouth-watering treat and was impatient enough to indulge my cravings – Tres Leche Cake (the three milk cake, in case you don’t know). It is fully soaked in three different kinds of milk (evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream) for a soft texture. Continue Reading

Sudden Plan to Floc – For the Love of Coffee

Hi there. Yesterday I and Ayesha (my colleague cum friend) just made some random plan of heading over to this new restaurant or you might say café in the town. As a couple of days earlier, we were making some plans to be there and satisfy our appetite and it just happened like this. Sitting on our work station getting bored, we suddenly made a Continue Reading