Life In The Next Few Days

I am traveling after very long. And by “long” I mean I have not been out of Karachi for the past four and a half years (*Jaw Drops*, I know). Now there is totally another story to the answer of all WHYs, which I don’t want to touch at Continue Reading

Let’s End The Year!!!

Since we are about to pay our farewell to year 2018, a lot of us make resolutions for the year ahead. I, personally, have none. Never did I had some in my life. But this time, I have jotted down some things to leave in the past before a new sun shines (this is how we say it, right?).
Basically, I’d call them all ‘My Demons’ that have been an ultimate terror for me for quite some time. And I know that getting an escape won’t be easier enough by now too. But success also lies in the process. Today, i pledge for not letting these evils (read: insecurities) take over my soul on the journey to a better ME. Come, let’s begin with the core of this post now. Continue Reading

5 Snacks I Keep at My Office Desk

While sitting on a work-station, everyone gets distracted by random thoughts. Sometimes it is the fear of incomplete errands/chores haunting, and the others it is just sheer idleness taking your focus away. But what even takes the lead Continue Reading